Passenger traffic at Houston airports rose 5.5% in November compared to the same time last year. Over 5 million passengers moved through the Houston airport system in November 2023. Approximately 3.8 million of these passengers traveled through George Bush Intercontinental Airport – a 5.8% increase compared to November 2022 – with the remaining 1.2 million moving through Hobby Airport, a 4.7% increase from the previous year. Year to date, we continue to see a positive trend in passenger traffic, with a year over year increase of 11.4%.

Bush airport saw an over 13% increase in international passengers in November, with domestic travel up 3.5%. Hobby Airport also experienced year-over-year gains during the month, with a more than 5% increase in domestic travel and only a 3% decrease in international travel.

Who is coming to Houston? 

U.S. travel made up a significant percentage of passengers through Houston airports, with domestic travelers accounting for approximately 4 out of the 5 million passengers to fly through Bush and Hobby Airport in November. United Airlines passengers continue to make up the largest percentage of the airline market share at 53.7%, followed by Southwest Airlines at 28.7%. These numbers are consistent with market share trends we have seen in the first eleven months of 2023 and can expect similar ratios through the end of 2023.

Travel from Mexico made up a considerable percentage of international travelers in November at approximately 40% of total international travelers, second to travelers from Central and South America. We continue to see growth in the international travel sector through year-over-year growth in international airlines traffic. Air Canada is maintaining its growth trajectory with year-over-year passenger increases of almost 240%, a trend we also saw in October. Second to Air Canada, AVIANCA, an airline out of Columbia, saw significant growth with an 81% increase compared to December 2022. Year-to-date, EVA Air leads in passenger growth at over 450% compared to the same time last year, trailed closely by Air New Zealand at 356% growth year-over-year.

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Written by Megan Henson 

Pictured: Bush Intercontinental Airport


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