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Meet the Human Resources Department, clockwise from left to right, Paul Beckman, Manager, Internal Communications; Tim Moyer, Vice President, Human Resources; Daronda Gamble, Sr. Manager, Human Resources; Karina Austin, Manager, Talent Acquisition & Performance Management. 

From finding the right opportunity to accepting an offer, here’s what to expect when applying at Houston First.

Apply: You will receive an acknowledgment email once we have received your application and resume. Our vetting process may take up to two weeks. We will only further contact applicants whose background and experience fit the needs of the position.

Phone or Virtual interview: For most positions, we will first contact you by email and set up a phone or Teams interview. During this interview we will ask general questions to better understand your background and how it aligns with the position. Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications are typically invited to an in-person panel interview.

Panel interview: The panel who interviews you will typically include three to four team members, an HR representative, the hiring manager, a diverse team member and a subject matter expert. These interviews are more in-depth; each member of the panel focuses on a specific aspect of the job to avoid redundancy and to ensure an in-depth conversation about the role and your qualifications and experience.

Assessments: Some positions will require an assessment that give candidates an opportunity to exhibit specific skills or knowledge. Often this comes in the form of an assignment that can be completed within a certain time frame and then returned to HR. The assessment will measure a wide range of variables, including - writing, creativity, problem-solving ability, reasoning, reading comprehension, emotional intelligence, and more. If one is required, you will be contacted by email. The email will include the details and next steps for completing the assessment.

Employment Reference Check: At this point of the interview process we conduct employment reference checks of the panelists' top choices.

The Offer: Typically, our candidates meet with multiple interviewers and managers during the hiring process. The panelists will review the resumes and interview guides and make a recommendation as to whom the offer is to be made. The hiring manager will review and confirm the hiring decision, and the formal offer of employment will be extended to the candidate selected.

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