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Houston First, Nissan partner on new charging station

Houston • May 8, 2017

A new charging station for electric cars is now available in Houston First Corporation's parking complex in the Theater District as the result of a partnership with Nissan Motor Company.

Nissan has provided -- at no cost to Houston First or its contract parking customers -- a zero-emission DC fast charger (resembling a gasoline pump) for the convenience of owners of electric cars. It is located on the top level of the garage, beneath Jones Plaza. It is most readily located for those entering the Theater District Parking garage off Texas Avenue in front of Alley Theatre.

There is no charge to use the charging standard, which joins the existing fleet of Blink EV charging stations in the garage.

Nissan says the new generation of charger “delivers 50 kW of high voltage direct current (DC) via a special safety approved connector with specification that can go up to 100kW. By delivering the DC charge directly to the car’s power source, the CHAdeMO quick-charger can replenish a battery to around 80 per cent of its capacity in as little as 15-30 minutes.”