Wortham's rebirth praised by Houston Business Journal

Houston • April 12, 2019

The Wortham Theater Center has not had an easy time since Hurricane Harvey thundered over Houston in 2017. Still, its remarkable recovery and rebirth one year later caught people's attention and earned headlines. So did all the hard work to make that happen. The Houston Business Journal recently revealed its admiration by giving the Wortham recovery project a 2019 Landmark Award. The awards recognize Houston real estate projects that "make a significant impression on the Houston landscape and help sculpt the look, feel and image of the city," according the HBJ's website.    

The Wortham's award was in the Rehabilitation/renovation category. Board Chair David Mincberg, Vice Chair Desrye Morgan and Chief Operating Officer Luther Villagomez were at the ceremony to accept the award.  

"The three of us accepted this award on behalf of the entire staff of Houston First, from those who worked on the renovation directly to those that supported the efforts by picking up the slack in other departments so that the focus could be on such an amazing recovery," David Mincberg wrote to employees. "We were joined by representatives of the Ballet, Opera and the Theater District so that they could also express their appreciation to HFC. Along with the entire HFC Board the, Mayor joins me in both recognizing and saluting the efforts of each and every member of the team at Houston First." 

Other Houston First guests and representatives at the awards ceremony included:
Council Member David Robinson
Debbie McNulty, director of the city's Cultural Affairs office
Laine Twining, Theater District sales and marketing manager 
Council Member Robert Gallegos
Kathryn McNiel, Theater District's CEO
Jim Nelson, Houston Ballet's executive director
Perryn Leech, Houston Grand Opera's managing director