Houston First Hosts Incarnate Word Academy UrbanPlan Summer Program

Houston • June 11, 2018

Houston First hosted students from Incarnate Word Academy, UrbanPlan Summer Program today, where sophomores, juniors and seniors learned about Houston First from Arcy Muñoz and Regional Product Development from Roksan Okan-Vick. The students were eager to learn about real life examples of urban planning and offered several great ideas that we may implement in our future plans.

Urban Plan was initially developed by college students by the Urban Land Institute, a national professional organization, and the University of California at Berkeley. It allows students to use their imaginations to take a rundown, worn out, blighted space and transform it into their vision of what a neighborhood should be.

It is a week long program offered by our neighbors at Incarnate Word, the only high school in the Houston area to offer this program.