Houston First Cares

Houston • March 6, 2019

Houston First Corporation (HFC) held a blood drive on March 6, 2019 in the Partnership Tower for the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.  Several HFC, City of Houston and Partnership Tower employees showed their support by taking 15 minutes out of their schedule to donate blood. The need for blood is always present. About one of every seven people who go to a hospital end up needing donated blood as part of their treatment. Synthetic blood does not exist.  In other words, it cannot be manufactured; donations are the only way to keep the supply fully stocked. Donated blood is used for a wide range of circumstances that can potentially affect anyone. Patients undergoing treatment for injuries suffered during an accident often rely on donated blood to save their lives. A mother experiencing labor difficulties is another situation when blood donations are critical, along with patients getting chemotherapy for cancer, premature babies and seniors with anemia. Donating blood is the gift of life. 

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center serves the largest medical campus in the world. The Blood Center has grown to more than 650 employees and serves more than 170 hospitals and health care institutions in the 26-county Texas Gulf Coast, Brazos Valley and East Texas regions. To meet the needs of the area community, The Blood Center must collect about 800 donations every day. That is why The Blood Center encourages individuals to Commit for Life, a partnership between the community and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center that is focused on saving lives, today and in the future. To find out more visit here.