HFC Celebrates Photographers with Display

Houston • Sept. 19, 2019

Houston First recently installed a display of photos taken by adults with disabilities who are participating in classes offered through the Celebration Company, a program of Jewish Family Service. The display is on the ground floor of the Partnership Tower in downtown Houston. Read Press Release from the Celebration Company.

Below are a few words from each artist on their photographs:

Photographs from the Celebration Company
September 2019 – January 2020
Gabrielle Howard
I like photography because I take a lot of great pictures here. It is interesting for me to think of the names of my photos. Photography is a puzzle because I do not know exactly how the photo will turn out. It makes me feel good that I can change an image. I started taking photos outside of work. When I see my photography, it makes me feel like a real known photographer.
Stadium Seating
The sunlight makes the photograph shine. The photograph also has lines, but we do not see all the lines. The sun makes things and the whole world shine. The sun in the picture makes the whole world of difference.
The Invention
This piece I made a couple of years ago at the Museum of Fine Arts. The photograph looks like an interesting piece, because I took a picture of the lines and not the rest of the car. I wanted to get the white lines, because it is really interesting. The photograph makes me feel motion. The photograph gives me and my viewers another perspective of my art and my personality.
Evan Levine
I was born and raised in Englewood, Ohio and moved to Texas. Taking pictures is my hobby. I really love to do that. I love to walk around outside. It feels good to walk around and take pictures. I love to do that here. I also like to take pictures of ambulances, construction, and of spray-painted buildings. Taking pictures is something I like.
Creating Art
The photo is like an organ, it has the buttons. I really like it, it’s beautiful. I am a good artist. It’s a different world. It really looks nice, it is the best I made. I really do like it. It is like an old typewriter with the buttons and numbers. It makes me proud that I took the really nice photo. It really looks nice.
Halley Turner
I am a native Houstonian, and I love living here. Celebration Company feels like being part of a family! Part of the job description for working here is photography, and you can’t beat that, man! I really enjoy doing photography. My favorite part is taking pictures and being with my friends. I like taking pictures of things I have not seen before.
Into the Sky
The building is a bit taller. I don’t know where it goes, I know for sure that it is taller than me. When I looked up, I thought that’s a bbbiiiggg tower. Way up there is where I can see better. I took the picture so that way I can see the building better. Wow, it’s cool and nice!
Ari Klein
I like photography. I like to go out in the community, take pictures, and have the fresh air. It is nice to be outside away from work and stretch my legs. Taking pictures makes me feel good. I like taking pictures of buildings and people. Before I take anyone’s picture, I ask for permission. I like taking pictures of people so I can remember them as a memory.
Downtown Headquarters
Reflection of the Niels Esperson Building on the windows of 801 Travis Street, Houston, TX.
Melissa Shapiro
Photography is something I like learning and challenging myself. It also relaxes me when I am stressed out. Being outside taking pictures, I can see what is outside all the time. I like being out in nature. Smelling the flowers and trees, and listening to the birds makes me feel happy.
Shingles on the Roof
This photograph I took is of shingles on the house. I liked the shingles because I thought they are pretty and I like the color. I hope the viewer sees what I see: how good and interesting the architecture is. You don’t see this type of roof all the time.
Ellen Reichenthal
I am a native Houstonian. One of my biggest hobbies includes crocheting, I love to crochet gifts for people I care about. I feel good about photography and take pictures all the time. I like to make the pictures bigger, I see the faraway much better. When it is real big it makes a good photo. I take pictures of what I recognize, because it is really nice and I can keep it on my camera so I can see it at any time.
Glass Building
It’s a building downtown that I took a photograph of. Squares like a building that you then see into the building. It’s where people go to work in. The sun goes on the glass that you can hardly see outside. I snapped it and there it was. I love this picture, don’t you?
Halley Turner
Rings for Tomorrow
The boat maze has a lot of colors there – I like the colors. The different colors are cool! They are cool and nice. It makes me feel happy. It reminds me of Poppie because he is awesome! Sometimes we go fishing together. I use a yellow fishing rod, and Poppie and Mommie use purple. I love to help Poppie and Mommie. It is so much fun!

The works will be on display through January 2020.

Link to Celebration Company site: