Food at GRB gets second chance with Second Servings

Houston • Feb. 27, 2019
Second Servings is Houston’s only prepared and perishable food rescue organization. They pick up unserved and unsold food from food businesses (distributors, retailers, hotels, sports venues, and others), and deliver it the same day to more than 60 approved charity sites (shelters, soup kitchens, low-income housing and others) serving over 135,000 people. The food helps nourish abused women and children, veterans, adults in recovery, at-risk youth, disabled homeless seniors, developmentally challenged adults, low-income single adults, and many others. In 4 years they have rescued 2 million pounds of food valued at $10 million from more than 175 donors…food that was destined for the landfill, but is now feeding people.

Second Servings has had a partnership with Levy at the GRB since mid-May, 2018. Since that time, they have rescued over 60,000 pounds of surplus food, valued at over $700,000 and distributed it to 31 charity meal sites.

The donations at the GRB are especially welcomed by charities for three reasons:
    1. The quality of the food is incredible;
    2. They save an enormous amount of preparation time, since the food only needs reheating; and
    3. They save a huge amount of money, which they report using to serve more people, offer more services to their clients and residents, or pay their overhead.
With 1 in 5 Houstonians struggling with food insecurity, and as much as 40% of the available food supply going to waste, food rescue makes so much sense. It is a practical and very efficient way to address both issues simultaneously.

For more information about Second Servings go here.