Application Guidelines

Houston First Corporation (HFC) welcomes qualifying organizations to apply for funding of programs or events that advance our mission, vision and values.

Houston First Corporation prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, citizenship, or other protected status under federal, state or local law.

A. Application Requirements

  1. All funding requests must be submitted as directed on application. Only completed applications will be considered.
  2. Requests should be submitted at least 120 days in advance of the event, program or project start date. If an organization submits a request less than 120 days in advance, it is unlikely they will receive funding.
  3. Organizations must be able to submit required business and promotional documents including a valid U.S. Tax ID number and 501(c) Letter of Determination, when applicable.
  4. HFC generally limits support to one application per organization per calendar year to maximize the impact of our community investment resources.
  5. Organizations must re-apply each year for funding, regardless of their previous funding status.

B. Application Process

  1. Applicant will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission of the application.
  2. HFC may request additional information to fully consider your application.
  3. HFC will notify the applicant of a final decision in writing to the contact listed on the application.
  4. HFC will require a post-event/program impact and evaluation report. Periodic progress reports may also be required in special circumstances.

C. Funding Parameters

  1. HFC will consider supporting organizations and programs/events that align with and advance our mission, vision and values.
  2. HFC generally will not provide repetitive annual grants or continuing operating support for organizations or programs.
  3. HFC is primarily interested in projects with the following focus:
    1. Increase vibrancy in the Greater Houston area
    2. Enrich our cultural fabric
    3. Celebrate our diversity
    4. Measurably increase business and leisure tourism
    5. Bring community organizations together with local businesses in partnership to advance the HFC mission
  4. HFC will generally not consider funding requests if:
    1. HFC is the only funding source for the project
    2. HFC is the primary funding source required to launch a project
    3. Requests are for multi-year periods of time
    4. Funds will directly support a “for profit” organization or activity
    5. Funds will support political advocacy or religious events
  5. HFC will not consider an in-kind venue rental waiver for events that are already contracted.
  6. HFC will not issue debt to fund a project.

D. Terms & Conditions

  1. If funded, HFC has permission to use your organization’s current logo and marks to promote and report the impact of our Corporate Community Investment Program.
  2. If funded, your organization will promote “Houston First Corporation” as an official supporter of the funded event or program consistent with requirements listed in your approval letter.
  3. In the unlikely event that the funded event or program is cancelled, your organization agrees to refund all HFC funds.