Being Sustainable is in the Bag

Houston • Aug. 23, 2018

Protecting and decreasing the carbon footprint at the Houston First Corporation, means coming up with innovative ideas around being more sustainable. The sustainability team notice that the vendors were disposing of their bags after each show held at the GRB. We have been creative in partnering with the Houston Food Bank Teachers Aid Center.

Teachers Aid is a program designated to help children receive the necessary school supplies to succeed by allowing teachers to shop for free school supplies. This program helps teachers reduce the cost of personal spending on school supplies. Teachers Aid services 18 counties and 70 different school districts. We have over 490 participating school with Houston ISD being the largest participant. More than 16,000 teachers are eligible to shop quarterly at the Teachers Aid Center.

The GRB has been collecting conference bags to donate to the Teachers Aid Program, by donating the bags left over after each event. This is one of the innovative ways we use when it comes to being sustainable and diverting materials from the land field. The GRB sustainability program has donated over 1000 bags to Teachers Aid.

For more information about our Sustainability Program contact Wanda Adams, Sustainability Manger at 713-853-8119 or wanda.adams@houstonfirst.com.