Wortham Theater Center

Recovery Status:


Houston First announces Wortham closing until May, 2018. Click here.


Contractors have finished pumping water out of the building.

Workers continue assessing the condition of mechanical, electrical and theatrical equipment in the backstage basement.

A projected date for reopening will be set once assessment is complete.


Contractors continue pumping out water and removing carpet and drywall.

Parts of the stage floor are being removed.

No reopening date has been determined for the Wortham, but events and performances have been cancelled through October 15.



Further assessment reveals specific public and backstage areas were seriously impacted and will need to be reconstructed.


Initial assessments showed dangerous conditions and extensive damage, particularly in the basement and street level of the Wortham. 

At least 12 feet of water entered the building, completely submerging the basement. 

An abundance of mechanical and electrical equipment in the basement were immersed in flood water, including one-third of the building’s massive air-handling units.

Flood water reached both the Cullen and Brown Theaters, but water also reached the stage floor of the Brown Theater and it will need to be removed and replaced. 

The building has no power.

Staff Locations:

  • Houston First employees from Jones, Wortham and the underground garages continue to work out of Partnership Tower at 701 Avenida de las Americas. 713-853-8100
  • The Houston Opera staff is working out of Hobby Center at 800 Bagby. 713-315-2597 
  • DaCamera of Houston staff remains at 1402 Sul Ross. 713-524-5050
  • Houston Ballet staff remains at 601 Preston Street. 713-523-6300