Theater District Underground Parking Garages

Recovery Status:


Temporary lights and a ventiliaton system are in place to allow workers to begin the clean up operation. 

Contractors have started removing silt from the garages.

Once the silt has been removed, two additional cleaning processes will be completed, then workers will begin sanitizing the garages.

A full assessment of damage is not complete, it is likely most electrical and mechanical components will need to be replaced.

Consultants are assessing structural integrity of the garages. 

A projected date for reopening will be set once assessment is complete and replacement equipment has been secured.


Pumping was substantially completed on Thursday, September 7.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 6, about 85% of the water had been pumped out of the garages.


After the rain stopped, Houston First began to take immediate steps to respond to the flooded garages, assessing damages and working with contractors to safely and efficiently pump water out of the garages.

Although the pumping process has begun, full restoration of the garages could take weeks.



Flood waters compromised 800 electrical motors, along with the entire ventilation system. 

The building automation and fire suppression systems were damaged, as well as the elevators.

Every light fixture within the garage was damaged by water and must be replaced, along with the red/green guidance system.

The standby emergency generators were also damaged by flood water. 


More than 270 million gallons of water filled all three levels of the Theater District underground parking garages and they remain inaccessible. This includes the green, yellow and blue garages.

The garages have been closed until further notice.                                                                                                                                              

The Theater District underground parking garage includes three garages (green, yellow and blue), which span six underground blocks on three levels and consists of 3,369 parking spaces.

Staff Locations: 


Houston First employees from Jones, Wortham and the underground garages continue to work out of Partnership Tower at 701 Avenida de las Americas. 713-853-8100
Alternative parking arrangements have been made for montly parking customers in several other facilities operated by Houston First. Our parking partner, Republic Parking System is also assisting in securing space at additional locations in the downtown area.
Shuttle services are being provided at some locations to transport customers to and from temporary parking sites to their offices.