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Houston First Celebrates the Centennial Anniversary of Women's Right to VOTE - PIONEERS

Houston • Aug. 20, 2020

From ingenious dreamers to creative problem solvers, some of Houston’s best and brightest are women who have helped not only give birth to this city, but who have also been essential in making Houston and the world better. In honor of the centennial anniversary of women's right to vote, Houston First is highlighting the contributions of some of our city's extraordinary women--past and present--who are pioneers, community leaders, and culinary and cultural moguls. Also see our VisitHouston site

By Houston First


Charlotte Baldwin – Mother of Houston and unacknowledged visionary – was an explorer and a builder. Alongside her husband and brother-in-law, Augustus and John Allen, Charlotte is credited for helping establish and develop the city.

1836 did not afford Charlotte the opportunity to leave her mark on all she created. As a pivotal businesswoman, cattle rancher, philanthropist and trailblazer, her name has only graced an elementary school, a steamboat, and a city park.

Today, the C. Baldwin Hotel honors Charlotte’s tenacity and vision by proudly putting her name on the door. Nestled in the heart of the Allen Center, C. Baldwin celebrates the woman who dedicated her life to our city.

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NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020 after 328 days living and working aboard the International Space Station. Her mission is the longest single spaceflight by any woman. While onboard, Christina and astronaut Jessica Meir performed the first all-female spacewalk to repair a battery charger. In total, Christina performed six spacewalks and spent a total of 42 hours and 15 minutes outside the space station.

Now that she is home, she’s continuing to train — as much as she can from home — while awaiting her next assignment to space. And for her, the next call from NASA could be a big one. The space agency is aiming to send the first woman to the Moon as early as 2024 as part of its Artemis mission. It’s possible that woman could be Koch.

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