Corporate Investment Programs

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Community Relations Program

Coronovirus Update:As you may be aware, like many other Houstonians, Houston First has been severely affected by COVID -19 resulting in major impact to the travel and tourism industry. As a result, we have regrettably suspended the Community Relations Program until further notice.

Community Relations develops strategic social investment activities to enhance the Houston First Corporation brand and reputation while advancing the company's business goals. We focus on social investments, corporate in-kind opportunities, outreach efforts and employee volunteerism.

Multi-Layered Sponsorship Program

Houston First Corporation supports high-impact, integrated sponsorship opportunities that help the organization fulfill its mission for the Houston Region. Opportunities in this category should deliver significant return on investment (ROI) through market value, hotel room nights and economic impact. Multi-layered sponsorships should include, but not be limited to, a combination of media assets, marketing impressions, national or global exposure, opportunities to reinforce Houston's brand, PR platforms and hospitality and client entertainment opportunities.

Regional Product Development Program

Regional Product Development focuses on long-range and multi-faceted capital projects and programs within the greater Houston region that will highlight the Houston brand, increase visitation, and enhance the quality of place for Houstonians. Regional Product Development projects may entail improving existing assets or creating new assets.

Joint Tourism Marketing Program

Houston First Corporation offers opportunities for local tourism businesses to participate in joint marketing efforts through the Joint Tourism Marketing Program by providing low cost options for leveraging tourism marketing efforts through the Visit Houston brand. The program includes opportunities for digital advertising, international media relations, trade show participation, and more. For more information contact Gail Benyacine at gbenyacine@visithouston.com.